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Jason Blaha's Expert Coaching Now Available

There has been an enormous request for this and generally I have only worked with 1 or 2 clients, usually friends, at a time for years but have decided to open up online coaching for fans after years of requests. This is only going to be a part time endeavor for me and because I want to be able to give each client one- on-one attention I'm limiting it to only 5 for now. You can contact me through Facebook messenger to my page with your information and why you want me to coach you and believe you could benefit from it. Please read ALL of the below before messaging me and include details of your ability to meet my requirements. Thank you.

The packages being offered for $200 a month include the following:

1) Custom training programing, based on individual goals with 1-3 week adjustments, and based upon the facilities and equipment available.

2) Two one hour video calls per month to discuss your form, goals, get feed back and establish a repour with each client.

3) Form coaching.

4) Email support for questions and updates regarding your training.

5) You will be added to my private Facebook friend's list for easier access.

Requirements for a consultation

  • At this time only people with a full legitimate Facebook profile that I can see to verify they are not trolls wasting my time and so I can know who I am dealing with up front before offering a consolation. This will most likely change in the future but for the first 5 slots this is going to be a requirement.

  • $25 consolation fee. Most good trainers I know charge for consolations. My time is valuable and anyone serious about services will be willing to pay $25 for a consultation to assess if we are a good fit for each other. The consultation will be through video call. At this time I'm only accepting Zelle for this. Again I do not want trolls wasting my time so if a troll wants to do so they will have to pay $25 for the privilege of taking 30 minutes of my time. Payment will be required up front prior to scheduling a consultation through a non- refundable platform.

  • You must have a webcam and ability to video call using Skype or Google Hangouts.

  • Adequate facilities and equipment to follow a good routine.

  • Ability to film your basic lifts and upload them to YouTube for me to view and assess weekly or bi- weekly.

The $200 price is for the first 5 slots and if I raise prices in the future those who start at this price will not have my fee raised. Trolls will be blocked and ignored.